Event Date: 06 Sep 2019

Building the future of childhood brain injury: where do we go from here?

Event Notes:

Tickets are £175 when booked before 15 April 2019, £199 thereafter. o Hosted by The Children’s Trust, this year’s conference, ‘Building the future of childhood brain injury: where do we go from here?’ will take a visionary look at paediatric acquired brain injury and explore what the future may hold o This year’s key speakers include: § Internationally-renowned, Professor Vicki Anderson, Director of Clinical Sciences Research at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia § Dr Stacy Suskauer, Research Scientist and Co-Director of the Centre from Brain Injury Recovery at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in the USA § Dr Suzanna Watson, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Lead for Paediatrics Neuropsychology Services at the Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust. With further speakers due to be announced shortly, the conference aims to bring together the industry’s leading clinical professionals, utilising and reporting on the latest evidence-based research in the field of brain injury. Delegates will have the opportunity to network with expert clinical professionals, including consultants, doctors, surgeons, nurses, therapists and medico-legal practitioners, to discuss challenges and best practice.


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