• Contents: March/April 2015 issue
  • Posted in Editor's introduction

  • 19th Oct 2015

  • In this issue Sunaina Yadav, Colombo and Pankaj Sharma, Imperial College, write an excellent review article on the genetics of ischaemic stroke, from CADASIL to common variants that influence ischaemic stroke risk in the general population. This article is introduced further by David Werring on page 6, who is staying on as a Stroke Editor […]

  • Contents: May/June 2015 issue
  • Posted in Editor's introduction

  • 19th Oct 2015

  • Dear readers, do not adjust your set! Mike Zandi remains at ACNR and is in robust health. It is merely that from now on there will be a sharing of opening editorial responsibilities between myself, Mike and our fellow Co-Editor, Sian Alexander. So without further ado, let me introduce the latest articles. In this issue […]

  • From the Web Editor…
  • Posted in Editor's introduction

  • 13th Mar 2013

  • “… a unique opportunity to bring neuroscience to neurology and take advances in neurology out into the community of neurologists and associated specialties.” These are not my words, but were written by Roger Barker 12 years ago. They are as relevant today as when they were first written. Whilst the principles founding this publication have […]


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