• Eslicarbazepine use in Multiple Sclerosis with refractory trigeminal neuralgia
  • Posted in Case Reports

  • 15th Mar 2013

  • First published online at BJMP 2013;6(1):a602 When associated with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) is often bilateral and more refractory to treatment. carbamazepine is the first line of treatment for TN, however, common side effects of carbamazepine such as hyponatremia occasionally limit its use. We report the case of a 62 year old female patient […]

  • A paediatric technique for regaining adult bowel control
  • Posted in Case Reports

  • 15th Mar 2013

  • Faecal incontinence affects 1-10 % of adults and in 0.5-1% is severe enough to impair daily quality of life1. The condition remains a socially stigmatising problem with considerable emotional, psychological and physical consequences. Dietary modification, laxatives, constipating agents, suppositories, enemas, bowel retraining and biofeedback are amongst the conventional methods used to address the problem, aiming […]


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