Why patients should be able to request an Upright Open MRI scan

Posted in Industry News on 16th Sep 2018

Medserena Upright Open MRI centres in London and Manchester offer patients a state-of-the-art MRI examination that removes the feeling of claustrophobia.

Conventional MRI scanners require them to slide into a narrow tunnel which many people find uncomfortable and cramped inducing anxiety or panic. Even an ‘open’ MRI scanner still requires them to endure the machine very close to their face.

With the Medserena Open MRI scanner, the patient can stand up, sit down, flex their neck and be moved into different postures – so the scan is carried out in exactly the position that pain is experienced.

All coils (antennae), even the head coils for brain scans, are designed to allow patients to clearly see outside the system. A large TV screen allows them to watch a TV programme or DVD whilst the process is carried out.

Find out more at https://www.fear-of-mri.com


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