PREVIEW: The Fifth Practical Cognition Course

Posted in Courses & Conferences on 12th Nov 2012

Course details: 1-2 November, 2012, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

This very successful course is for consultants and trainees in neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychology and rehabilitation medicine who want to develop their practical expertise in cognitive assessment and relate this to clinically relevant neuroscience. There will be a practical introductory session to cognitive assessment followed by four sessions of case presentations discussing the assessment, diagnosis and management of common cognitive syndromes. The course begins and ends with the patient. Case presentations will feature video material illustrating disorders that clinicians may encounter in daily practice. Each session will also include a talk from an invited expert,who will provide a framework for understanding the clinically relevant neuro-science. The case presentations and talks are highly interactive and lively discussion is encouraged.

This year’s programme will cover memory, sleep and cognition, hallucinations and motor function and cognition. Our highly acclaimed speakers include Kirsty Anderson (Newcastle), David Burn (Newcastle), Tom Kelly (Newcastle), Andrew Larner (Liverpool), Sinéad Mullally (UCL) and Peter Woodruff (Sheffield).The course is organised by neurologists Tim Griffiths (Newcastle) and Chris Butler (Oxford), sponsored by the Guarantors of Brain and will be accredited for CME points.

The course will be held in the Beehive conference centre on the main campus of Newcastle University within the city. The registration fee includes a superb dinner on the first evening at the Quayside in Newcastle.

The Practical Cognition course has received highly enthusiastic feedback in previous years. Participants have enjoyed the practical approach to an area of clinical work that is extremely important but often neglected in post-graduate education. Here are links to reviews of last year’s course by a trainee psychiatrist [ view-article.html?id=20006682] and consultant neurologist [ contents11-6.htm].

Bookings can be made online ( or by telephoning Laura Pereira on 0191 222 8320. Places are limited and should be reserved early.

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