Event Date: 05 Jun 2019 to 06 Jan 2019

Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Meeting 2019

Event Notes:

Course Leader: Associate Professor Sarosh Irani Course Description: This is a two-day international meeting held at St Anne's College, Oxford for clinicians and scientists looking to appreciate the breadth of translational Autoimmune Neurology. It will cover the clinical features of CNS and PNS diseases, methodological aspects of immunological assays, applied T and B cell pathophysiology, and questions relating to immunological tolerance. By being both contemporary and highly-translational, we intend the programme will appeal to consultant and trainee neurologists plus PhD or postdoctoral level researchers who have an interest in the field of Autoimmune Neurology. The talks will be delivered by some of the foremost leading clinical and scientific experts, from the University of Oxford including Georg Hollander, Daniel Anthony, Sarosh Irani, Patrick Waters, Belinda Lennox and Jackie Palace, in addition to a guest lecture from Prof Kevin O’Connor from Yale University. There will also be debates around controversial issues, and informal wine receptions within a ‘meet the experts’ session. In addition, we hope to showcase submitted abstracts in a Data Blitz session to generate lively discussion about many of these topics.


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