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  • 23rd Dec 2013

  • Highlights of a satellite symposium held at the 10th European Paediatric Neurology Society Congress, 25–28 September 2013, Brussels, Belgium

  • Targeting Rehabilitation Medicine
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  • 13th Mar 2013

  • The use of ultrasound needle guidance to accurately target injections is now widely-established for regional anaesthesia and analgesia, thanks to recent advances in the resolution and ease of use of hand-carried ultrasound instruments such as the SonoSite Edge® system. As these instruments become ever more accessible and familiar in the healthcare setting, clinicians are finding […]

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  • The EuroInf survey
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  • 10th Dec 2012

  • The European Infusion (EuroInf) survey is part of the EUROPAR project endorsed by the EPDA and involving over 14 centres across Europe. This survey was presented as a poster at the MDS meeting in Dublin and also presented as one of the highlights at the Dublin congress in 2012

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  • 2nd Parkinson’s Review Meeting
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  • 08th Dec 2012

  • The second annual Parkinson’s Review Meeting (PRM) gave a comprehensive review of apomorphine, management options in Complex Parkinson’s and the effect of the changing NHS on Neurological services…

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