NeuroVive´s project for the treatment of stroke enters new phase with Isomerase Therapeutics

Posted in Awards & Appointments on 14th Aug 2015

ACNRJA15-30bNeuroVive Pharmaceutical, a Swedish biotechnology company focusing on mitochondrial medicine, is entering a new phase in the company´s development project NVP014 for the treatment of ischaemic stroke in collaboration with UK partner Isomerase Therapeutics. The former collaboration with to-BBB of the Netherlands concluded at the end of 2014 and on the basis of the results obtained, NeuroVive is now developing new molecules and a more effective method for penetrating the blood-brain barrier.

The collaboration with Isomerase has already generated new lead compounds that are in pre-clinical evaluation.

“The initiative we’ve now begun with Isomerase Therapeutics is based on the same chemistry platform as our NVP018/NVP019 compounds, which we view as the next generation cyclophilin inhibitor. We’re also developing a new method for improved penetration across the blood-brain barrier,” commented Magnus Hansson, Senior Scientist at NeuroVive.

ACNR 2015;15(3):30.  Online 30/07/15

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