Eye-movement training therapy for visual field deficits

Posted in News Review on 14th Aug 2015

ACNRJA15-31aSight Science, a NovaVision company (OTCQB–VYCO), is bringing to the UK its NeuroEyeCoach eye-movement training therapy for those suffering from visual field deficits as a result of stroke or brain injury. NeuroEyeCoach (www.neuroeyecoach.com) is designed to re-train the ability of a patient to scan the environment and make the most of their remaining visual field. The program is self-adaptive and adjusts the task difficulty to the patient’s deficits and progress while encouraging eye movement efficiency.

NeuroEyeCoach was developed by Professor Josef Zihl of the Max Planck Institute based on his original research that has been the subject of 14 clinical studies on a total of 591 patients, along with Professor Arash Sahraie of the University of Aberdeen; both are scientific advisors to NovaVision.

This evidence-based therapy computer program will be available for clinics and also Internet-delivered to patients at home, and can be completed in 2-4 weeks.

ACNR 2015;15(3):31.   Online 30 /07/15


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