Cancer and dementia diagnosis to reach new heights with PET-CT technology at Cobalt Imaging Centre

Posted in News Review on 16th Apr 2015

page6-7Cobalt Imaging Centre has unveiled a new PET-CT scanner that will bolster its diagnostic capabilities by overcoming the limitations of conventional systems, with the installation of a Biograph mCT Flow EdgeTM system from Siemens Healthcare.

Peter Sharpe, CEO of medical charity Cobalt, states, “Through our close partnership with Siemens Healthcare, we are now in a position to considerably heighten both our clinical research and diagnostic capabilities. The addition of our new PET-CT scanner will enable us to provide a critical service to patients in a wide geographical area.”

The Biograph mCT Flow Edge eliminates the demand for stop-and-go imaging, enabling clinicians
to benefit from excellent image resolution in virtually every organ and every scan. Darren Parker, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare, adds, “The Biograph mCT Flow Edge paves the way for extraordinary progress in diagnosing and treating the highly challenging diseases of dementia and cancer.”
Cobalt marks the installation of a Biograph mCT Flow EdgeTM system from Siemens Healthcare that will bolster its cancer and dementia diagnostic capabilities with a replica cake. [Left to Right] Peter Harrison, Managing Director of Siemens plc Healthcare Division; Darren Parker, Regional Sales Manager; Lawrence Foulsham, MI Business Manager at Siemens Healthcare; Peter Sharpe, Cobalt CEO; Professor Iain Lyburn, Medical Director and Consultant Radiologist, Cobalt; and Roisin Dobbin-Stacey, PET-CT Operational Manager, Cobalt.

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ACNR 2015;15(1);12.  Online 15/04/15

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